No, It Is Time To Talk Gun Control

Sarah Huckabee Sanders came out on Monday and said that now was not the time to talk about gun control.

Under normal circumstances, I would take this at face value to mean the administration wanted to serve as the comforter-in-chief to the nation to help families through their grief.

But the abdication of compassion from this administration is so absolute the only explanation is the Trump administration is trying to buy time to let this shooting, like so many others, blow over in the news cycle until peoples’ passions are no longer enflamed by another massive loss of life.

Now especially is the time to talk about gun control. We owe it to the victims. There is no reason to own a semi-automatic gun. If you want to justify owning a rifle to shoot deer for venison, fine, but don’t tell me you need a semi-automatic weapon or a high capacity magazine to hunt food for your family— their only purpose is to kill other human beings. They serve no purpose in a civilized society. We see the evidence all too frequently.