We aim to balance the line between being humorous and informative to motivate our audience to get politically engaged to affect the change in the world that they want to see.

While we aim to cover both sides of the argument fairly and equally, we recognize that no news coverage can be truly objective. Above all, the viewpoints expressed by us and our contributors are aimed at offering a moderate take through equal opportunity offensiveness, expressing our first amendment right to criticize politicians through rational argument, eye-rolling, and holding our elected representatives of all affiliations to a minimum-viable-standard. Our bias is against stupidity, reason-free rhetoric, and false claims that have fueled populism.

Here’s how it works:

One Drink: Something we were comfortable bringing up over the first drink.

Two Drink: A topic we had to wait until the second drink to breach.

Red Drink: Something Republicans did that made us want to drink.

Blue Drink: Something Democrats did that made us want to drink.

We’re working to get our updates to you as quickly as possible to document everything that’s going wrong with American politics, so stick with us as we continue to better our site.